SQream for Geospatial Analytics

Geospatial Analytics and the Growing Data Challenge

As 5G rolls out across the globe, geospatial technology is playing a crucial role in increasingly complex telecom networks. Monitoring, risk assessment and planning all require the analysis of accurate and growing geospatial data, especially as organizations utilize geographic information systems (GIS) to track their broadband and cellular infrastructure.  Other industries are finding they have a growing reliance on geospatial data as well, including retail, manufacturing, military, healthcare and more. 


Using SQream for geospatial data analytics allows organizations to explore data across both time and space, enabling them to:

  • Gain insight into customer behavior, trends and research.
  • Improve network processes, reduce costs and optimize logistics.
  • Track locations for optimized promotions, sales, and more.

This datasheet examines the various applications of growing geospatial data and how SQream helps organizations gain real-life benefits from its utilization. 

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