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The Enabling Power of Analyzing More Data

This 451 Research Business Impact Brief examines how enterprises today have come to the realization that successfully accessing and analyzing big data, with all its challenges - is an integral part of  making smart business decisions. But even as they continue the push to incorporate a data-driven culture into their daily activities, many are coming face-to-face with the fact that for multiple reasons, this is easier said than done. Some of the reasons this are discussed including:

451 Brief
  • Data is growing faster than ever
    From terabytes to petabytes, organizations find themselves managing more data than ever before.
  • Legacy platforms are overburdened
    As data grows, the legacy systems most organizations have in place struggle to keep up with the load. 
  • They cannot achieve high-performance analytical processing
    The systems and tools most organizations have in place have become limitations on their capabilities to achieve fast queries on massive data. 

The answer to these challenges, according to 451 Research, is to put in place analytics systems capable of handling intensive and complex workloads. There are ways to do this without upending existing infrastructures and systems.  

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