Data Boom or Data Bust? Analytics Challenges and Solutions in the Financial Sector

The past year's data explosion has been driving digital transformation across industries, finance included.  As early adopters of new technologies, organizations in the financial sector require scalable solutions which allow them to use their data to propel business forward. But, often they struggle with antiquated architectures not designed to handle massive and growing data, regulatory compliance, or the complex queries required in today’s financial environment.

In this webinar, SQream SVP EMEA David Akka, a sought out authority on cloud technologies and big data analytics, shares real-life scenarios showing how SQream empowers banking and finance organizations to:

  • Increase customer loyalty by building more accurate customer behavior models
  • Minimize losses from fraudulent activities and claims
  • Accelerate and improve risk management and regulatory compliance 

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David Akka

Meet David Akka


A self-described “recovering techie,” David has worked with cutting edge technologies, bridging the gap between technology and the way customers are using it. He is an authority on Cloud computing, big data analytics, machine learning, DevOps and enterprise mobility.

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