Hadoop Revisited: Strategies Going Forward

There is a lot of talk about migrating data off of Hadoop into the cloud to try to combat challenges they are facing as data volumes continue to surge. In fact, many organizations are taking a cautious approach to moving hundreds of terabytes or petabytes of their Hadoop data to the cloud, due to performance and cost concerns. So what can be done in the meantime to alleviate some of the burdens that organizations with Hadoop are facing?

This session, hosted by SQream CMO David Leichner and Product Manager & Solution Architect Arnon Shimoni, will focus specifically on:

  • How to alleviate lengthy data preparation cycles and other issues inherent in analyzing the massive data stored in Hadoop.
  • How to improve the performance of complex analytics.
  • How to significantly reduce the execution time of long-running queries, with the goal of uncovering critical business insights.

This webinar is geared toward data engineers and architects, CIOs, CDOs and other data professionals who are tasked with managing and analyzing data stored in Hadoop.

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David Leichner SQuare

David Leichner


David has been around the data and analytics space since the early '90s. He was part of the launch group of EDA/SQL, which enabled analytics on distributed data stores. David has worked for leading application vendors, as well as those automating legacy modernization of databases and data warehouses.

Arnon Shimoni

Arnon Shimoni

Product Manager & Solution Architect

Arnon worked on the development of SQream DB’s core, and now oversees customer implementations in a variety of industries.

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