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Planning to Revamp Your Legacy Warehouse

As business practices and requirements have changed, data warehouses have experienced a parallel shift in focus. Massive data has become the norm, and organizations wishing to keep up are learning they must fully capitalize on their data stores and the insights they can offer. The need to remain competitive by providing advanced data analytic and BI capabilities has been a major driver behind the modernizing of data warehouses.

In this webinar, SQream CMO David Leichner and Product Manager & Solution Architect Arnon Shimoni explore:

Webinar On-Demand
  • A brief history of the evolution of the data warehouse
  • How data warehouses have adapted to massive data
  • A look into future developments of the data warehouse

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David Leichner SQuare

David Leichner


David has over 25 years of marketing and sales executive management experience garnered from leading software vendors.

Arnon Shimoni

Arnon Shimoni

Product Manager & Solution Architect

Arnon worked on the development of SQream DB’s core, and now oversees customer implementations in a variety of industries.

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