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Elevating Big Data Analytics: VentureBeat, NVIDIA, and SQream Webinar

Discover How Generative AI and Advanced GPU Technologies Are Revolutionizing Business Analytics

Fill out the form to listen to a 30-minute webinar recording featuring the following panel:

  • William Benton: Principal Product Architect, NVIDIA
  • Deborah Leff: Chief Revenue Officer, SQream
  • Tianhui "Michael" Li: Technology Contributor, VentureBeat

In this insightful webinar, you'll explore:

  • Democratizing Acceleration: Technologies used by companies of all sizes to dramatically shorten time-to-market for product innovation.

  • Optimizing AI and ML Infrastructure: How leading organizations are triumphing over the hefty demands and costs of AI and ML systems to increase efficiencies.

  • Slashing Data Analytics Costs: Proven methods companies are using to reduce costs without compromising performance.

  • Elevating the Practitioner Experience: How teams are ditching mundane processes with solutions designed to enhance data integrity, streamline workflows, and empower practitioners to extract maximum value from data assets.

  • Strategic Toolbelt: What to expect by the end? An arsenal of strategic solutions that will transform the way you approach data analytics, stocked with innovations geared towards driving business outcomes and propelling you into the future.

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