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Experience the Power of SQream

Our Innovation Lab provide a high-level overview of SQream with a guided experience to certify partners and educate potential customers.


What does it include? 

  • You'll have access to a SQream sandbox with an industry standard dataset 

  • With this dataset, you can perform exercises and interact with the SQream platform

  • A SQream team member will be guiding you through how to use the platform, and will be available to answer any questions


Innovation Lab Levels:

Basic Level

  • 1 half-day session (4 hours)
  • Designed for introductory, guided exploration of SQream's capabilities
  • Includes introduction, hands-on exercises including performing data ingestion and queries, overview of integration options with 3rd party tools, and review of competitive benchmarks

Advanced Level

  • 2 half-day sessions (8 hours total)
  • Designed for a deep dive of SQream's more technical features and applications, including experimentation with free-sandbox time
  • On Day 1, review the SQream demo, case studies, and reference architectures then move to architectural review while performing data ingestion, queries and export, and sandbox experimentation time 
  • On Day 2, review experimentation and share feedback, review integration options with 3rd party tools and demo connectivity, and end with use case ideation